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Our Company

Based in Malaysia, Mastersteel Medical is a trusted medical bed and accessories manufacturing facility. We are not just a manufacturing facility, we are a solution provider, giving you a seamless experience to equip your hospitals for the best patient experience.

Good products just don’t cut it, we’re obsessed with quality. Armed with state of the art manufacturing machinery and a proven team, we ensure every little detail is looked upon and delivered to the best quality possible.

With strong proven reputation within the market, Mastersteel Medical is your trusted medical solutions provider.

What Do We Provide?

Site Analysis and Discussions

The project team works closely with client to view, define and help in the planning of the laboratory design as well as the setup.

Laboratory Design and Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) Engineering

Auto Cad-generated legends, plans and designs are provided to give clients a prior idea of how the laboratory appear before actual built-up.

Project Management

The project management team, which includes the project manager and project engineer on site, ensures professional and successful execution of the project.

Site Preparation

The planning and design of the lab are specific to individual types and conform to the local codes and laws. International specifications are incorporated when necessary.

Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Products

The team on site supervise the installation of laboratory furniture.

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