CSSD Distribution trolley
CSSD Distribution Trolley (270 deg doors opening)
CSSD Distribution Trolley
CSSD Motorized Cabinet Trolley
CSSD 3-tier trolley
CSSD 2-tier trolley with lip edge
CSSD 2-tier trolley
Milk Bottle Trolley
CSSD Wrapping Paper Trolley
CSSD Wrapping Paper Trolley with paper clamps
CSSD Sterilizing Basket Rack (single / double sided)
Endoscope cabinet
CSSD Trolley for sterile goods
4-tier Mobile Rack (Fixed Perforated shelves)
4-Tier Storage Rack (adjustable shelves)
4-tier Mobile Rack (Fixed Solid shelves)
CSSD Packing table
Linen Inspection Table